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Calligraphy – the art of beautiful writing (from the Greek word kallos meaning beauty and graphe meaning writing).

Calligraphy can be used to enhance any personal or important documents such as wedding or  party invitations, place cards, certificates and albums. Perhaps you have composed a poem for a loved one and want it presented in a special way. If you want to document the years of hard work and research into a family tree which will be cherished for years to come calligraphy will help you achieve this.

There are numerous calligraphers who can be commissioned to work for you but why not take the plunge and have a go yourself! Think of the satisfaction you will feel when proudly presenting a piece of your own work. It will mean so much more to the recipient.

There is plenty advice both online and in home study books regarding the tools of the trade so you must choose carefully.

Pens, inks and nibs come in numerous shapes, sizes and colours for the different styles of the alphabet you want to reproduce. Both right and left handed versions are available. Gold and silver markers can be used on metal, wood, rubber, glass, porcelain and card creating stunning metallic effects, becoming opaque on transparent or dark surfaces.

There are many manufacturers recommended for their high quality products and these include Berol, Coles, Edding, Lamy, Manuscript, Papermate, Parker, Pentel, Rotring and Sheaffer.
So why not get started and produce the first of your many masterpieces which will bring years of pleasure to your friends and family. A very special gift indeed!

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